Chelsea are anxiously sitting by their phone awaiting a call from the Football Association after Diego Costa was caught on camera kicking City's defender, Vincent Kompany. 
Chelsea are very close to the tittle now with their 2:1 victory over Manchester City at Stamford Bridge last night, but could lose their striker - Diego Costa for three games should the FA view his actions merit any form of charges. 
The incident, which saw Costa plant his studs on Kompany's thigh - making the player scream in pain, but was in unspecified way missed by referee Mike Dean and his assistants. 
However, the FA can examine the video footage again and take retrospective action for violent conduct and that could see the Blues lose their top scorer in 3 out of 6 matches in Premiere League tittle race. 
Former Premier League referee, Howard Webb, reckons that the FA will not be looking into the incident – and also dismissed any claim that the incident was worthy of a red card.
“If there was a foul before, and this happens afterwards, then maybe the FA might want to look at it as an act of violent conduct,” Webb said on BT Sport.
“But because this is the foul that Mike Dean penalises, then he has seen it, made a judgement on it and the FA don’t review situations where the referee has seen it.
“Is it violent conduct? It’s a subjective call but he puts his foot and doesn’t really follow through.
“I think it is worthy of a yellow card but probably just short of violent conduct.”
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