Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho was unhappy that his side fail to meet the hopes and expectations of winning the game and couldn’t put up more attacking threat during their 0-0 draw against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday night.

Manchester City were skillfully in control of the game for at least 60 - 70 minutes with United barely offering readily noticed attacking outcome on the break during the first 30 minutes.
However, Mourinho was happy at the end to grab a hard-fought point after they made the “decision to play for the draw”.
“We wanted to do more in terms of attacking and to explore more of the counter attack,” said Mourinho. “In the first half we had good control but the second became more difficult.
“We had to make a decision to play for the draw and had to fight hard to take a point.
“They started strong, pushed hard and I promised not to speak about players who weren’t playing so I won’t but we just didn’t have the quality of players in midfield – we were missing quality there.
“In the first half, we were always dangerous and there were points where our movement could have been the start of something important but we lost too many balls.”


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