Referee Damir Skomina, an official who Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho once called “weak and naive”, will be the one to officiate the Europa League final.
UEFA made an announcement on Friday that Skomina will officiate the Stockholm clash between United and Ajax on May 24.
The 40-year-old Slovenian has been an international referee since 2003 and he has officiated six games this season in the Champions League – one of which he vexed the Portuguese boss in October 2015.
Following Chelsea’s 0:0 draw at Dynamo Kiev in the group stage, and during one of his fallouts with the Football Association, the Portuguese labelled the referee “weak and naive” after ignoring penalty appeals from Cesc Fabregas.
“The referee and the goal referee decide not to give (it),” Mourinho added.
“Against Porto (when Chelsea lost 2-1 in their previous group game and were denied a late penalty following a handball claim) it was a clear handball, last minute, a decision crucial for the result of the game.
“Today it was not last minute, but it was a clear penalty. I don’t know. The referee didn’t see it? The referee decided not to give it?”
While Felix Brych will referee the Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid in Cardiff on June 3.


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