Football pundit, Jamie Carragher has labeled Manchester United’s record of not scoring away goals in any of the games against the top-six sides “embarrassing”.
The Red Devils' 2:0 defeat at Emirate on Sunday meant that they are apparently the only club in the Premier League that has failed woefully to score against Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool.
It’s an astounding statistic and one which is not so surprising to Carragher. He believes United's coach Jose Mourinho has acquired his distinctive defensive approach.
Carragher told Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football: “It’s not right for a club like Manchester United not to score in those games [away against the top six].
“It’s not right for any team not to score in four or five games, but for Manchester United with the manager they have, the players they have on the pitch and the money they’ve spent it’s embarrassing really that they can’t score a goal. It comes from Mourinho and the way he sets up his teams.
“I’m not going to go from one week saying it’s a Mourinho masterclass when he gets the job done to saying it’s an absolute disgrace.
“You’ve either got to back him in the way he manages or be totally against him no matter what the result is. But when you play like that you have to win.
“You see the outrage of people today, but it’s not a shock to me. He’s done this for 10 or 15 years.
“That’s what he does in big games and I don’t care who he manages, I don’t think it will ever change because he’s had success doing it.” 


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