Friday night was happy one for all the Blues across the globe. You just have to give it to them, they are the Champions of England despite dropping some points along the way, and Michael Graham urges all not to let all the shortcomings of the rest to distract from the achievements of Antonio Conte and his men. 
Football is a game that comes with joy, heartbreak, injuries and a lots of hard work but one amazing thing about it is that you get what you deserve in the end and that's when you bask in your glory.  
There are some of us who have the tendencies of taking away something from the winners by criticising the players we felt didn't do well during any championship campaign instead of celebrating with them and giving credits where credit is due, that is one bad habit about football - not just in England.
Last season Premiere League champions, Leicester City were deemed not worthy of winning the trophy despite producing one of football's greatest underdog stories,  still yet many refused to accept it claiming they won it by default because all the big clubs all failed to produce their usual standards as was expected.
Same thing is happening this season too with Chelsea, like when a pundit label second-placed Tottenham the undeniable best of the season "bottle jobs" just because they couldn't win the Premier League. 
Even though it's the truth, this season was kind of dull to the extent that it almost feels like we will never enjoy any one of the games with Tottenham drawing too many matches, Manchester City getting too soft during a match, Liverpool struggling of beating bottom-placed teams and battling with injuries, United never had the cutting edge and Arsenal being Arsenal. 
Those team mentioned had nothing to with Chelsea being champions. The reason is because they are a team which happens to be the best in the English football despite their setback they continue to push forward. 
They worked on their defence, enlisted the best back in the summer, have the most unyielding and durable men in the midfield, the most never-ceasing attack, just name it, the bosses it and they so deserve it with any question. 
Do you need more?  I don't think so. All these are because they have the most remarkable coach any team could ever asked for, Antonio Conte! 
The Italian boss has had an amazing first spell in English football and if you remember, back in the summer the focal point was on the managerial talent that has moved downward upon the Premiere League. 
The season gave us some fun, seeing Conte, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp all going head to head expected to bring out something great at the end. 
Well, now we have that but not what most of us expected. Any way, for winners to emerge there most be losers and the winners happened to be Chelsea because they have the best result. 
Congratulations to Chelsea Football Club! 
And before you ask, no am not a Chelsea fan but I love good football. **wink** 


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