Dele Alli says he “can’t see many good places” to get better than under Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham.
The England star has become great possession  in just two spells at Spurs following his £5million move from MK Dons.

Spanish giants Real Madrid are one of those to have been connected with Alli, who has netted 31 goals since landed in London. 
Even though he admitted that it is impossible to predict the future, the 21-year-old insists he is happy to be a member of Pochettino's young squad who will reach the runners-up to Chelsea, the Premier League champions.
“We all want to achieve stuff,” Alli said in a Sky Sports interview.
“It’s a good place to be, and with the manager we’ve got here I can’t see many better places for me personally to improve.
“It’s a fantastic club to be a part of. We’re all looking to learn together and build together and be as successful as we can.
“You never say what’s going to happen in the future, no-one knows, no-one can predict it.
“For me, it’s important that I enjoy the journey – whether I stay at Tottenham for the rest of my career or one day I have to leave and it’s the right thing for me to do.”
Alli also dropped some unpleasant news for Premier League defenders as he sound a warning to them that he is becoming extremely good in front of goal.
He has more than doubled the 10-goal draw of his first Spurs season, with 21 goals to his name in all competitions heading into the final league game of the season at Hull on Sunday.
“I’ve still got a lot to improve on,” he said. “But I’ve got more clinical, especially as the season’s gone on.
“I’ve scored a few goals, but I could have scored a lot more.
“At the start of the season I was missing some sitters, but I’ve been working hard with the staff on the training field to make sure I start putting those chances away.”
Alli, however, has drawn some criticism for the way he plays the game.
A charge was level against him for diving after winning a penalty in the December win over Swansea, and he was sent off for a wild tackle on Gent’s Brecht Dejaegere during a Europa League last-32 tie in February.
But Alli said: “I’ve not really worked on my temperament, I’ve learned from my mistakes.
“It’s not something I’m worried or concerned about, because if I didn’t have that (aggression) in my game I might not have achieved as much as I have.
“I’m not looking to change, because it’s not something that’s going to come out of me.
“It’s just the way I am. I enjoy playing football, I love winning and sometimes I can get carried away.
“But it’s all about winning, and I’ll never apologise for wanting to win as much as I do.”


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